Answering your science questions

  • Q.Does MXEL cause side effects?

    A.If you are not allergic to any of the ingredients, no known side effects have been documented. If you have a history of medical conditions, particularly involving the central nervous system, please consult your health care provider.

  • Q.Can I take MXEL if I have a medical condition?

    A.In principal, you can take MXEL with a medical condition but you should consult your doctor or pharmacist to ensure it is safe for you.

  • Q.If I double the dose will it double the effect?

    A.Yes, it will double the effect but keep in mind, we recommend you take weekends off to maintain sensitivity to the supplements. If you take too much at one time, your brain will have a rush and quickly adapt to it which will reduce its effectiveness.

  • Q.Will the benefits stop if I stop using it?

    A.For MXEL Edge and MXEL Boost, the effects will stop about 24 hours after cessation. For MXEL Anti-Aging the effects will continue for several months even without use.

  • Q.I have ADHD - Is it safe for me?

    A.All of MXEL’s products are safe for ADHD. You would have to consult a pharmacist to ensure whatever medication you are using will not be interfered with by using our products. Several members of our test group had mild ADHD which did not require regular use of pharmaceuticals. They noted an increase in focus and productivity approximating 20-30% of a pharmaceutical medication but with none of the side effects. If your ADHD is mild, this is something to consider.

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