How to take the pills

We have been receiving a lot of questions lately about how to incorporate MXEL products (MXEL Boost, MXEL Edge, and MXEL Anti-Aging) into everyday lifestyle. To be able to maximize its effects, increase productivity, and reach your full potential, here are a few of our recommendations.

Incorporate healthy fat into your diet when taking any nootropics or substances that enhance cognitive abilities. Coconut oil, virgin olive oil, grass-fed dairy products, grass-fed meat, free-range fowl or their eggs, and fresh fish are a few great sources for it. Avoid eating anything with margarine and vegetable oil, since these can hinder the full effect of the nootropic and is not of any benefit to you in the long run. Make sure that you have some healthy fat in your system before taking MXEL. You can mix in coconut oil in your coffee, or simply scramble up two eggs with some butter, and you’re good to go.

If you have never taken any nootropics before or are unsure of its side effects, start off with one pill on the first day, then wait for 24 hours to take the next dose. You can increase the amount of MXEL pills you take after every interval. Again, make sure you eat a healthy, fatty meal before every intake.

The time of consumption should also be preferable to when you want to be most productive. Take four pills with breakfast if you like to get your work done in the morning, or with lunch if you get more things accomplished in the evening. If your day is more spread out, you can take two pills each for the said respective meals. Also note that MXEL Shield has a mild stimulatory effect so do not take it less than three hours before bed.

Then again, giving the brain some time to rest is also crucial. Turning its afterburner on every single day may lead to habituation to the nootropic and loss of its effectiveness. Rather than getting used to the stimulus, we just say take weekends off. Do not use them when you are not working or on vacations. You can also lessen your dose if you think two pills give you what you need. It is all about your preference and the role you want it to take in your daily activities.

As for me, I want to enhance cognition and memory when I work and improve my brain's recovery at night. I take two MXEL Boost and two MXEL Anti-Aging during breakfast, two more MXEL Boost at lunch, then two MXEL Anti-Aging with dinner. I also take two days off every week to get my mind well rested for the next workdays to come. Remember, this is what works for my metabolism, eating patterns, job and general lifestyle.

Experiment and see what works best for you, there is nothing to lose. MXEL is all about optimizing your brain so you can optimize your life.

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