Answering your shipping questions

  • Q.Can my order be shipped internationally?

    A.Yes, it can. We have customers all over the world, and so we cater to them by delivering our products both locally and internationally.

    However, please be advised that some ingredients in our products, or the product itself, may not be allowed for importation. Kindly check your country’s laws regarding the matter before placing an order.

  • Q.How will my order be packaged?

    A.We generally ship our products in either a padded envelope or a box for bulk orders. At the moment, we offer free shipping within the United States only.

  • Q.How long does it take to ship the product?

    A.Shipment within the United States will take 2-3 business days, up to 10 days when within Canada, and up to 21 days in other countries.

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