Answering your general questions

  • Q.How can I contact Customer Service?

    A.For any questions or concerns about our products or services, please fill out the Contact Us form, or call our toll-free number from 9am to 5pm EST (UTC-5:00), Monday to Friday.

  • Q.Can I buy MXEL products in a retail store?

    A.At this time, our products are not available in retail stores. You can purchase MXEL Brain Supplements on our website or at other online stores.

  • Q.How can I store MXEL Brain Supplements?

    A.You can keep and store the bottles at room temperature for up to a year.

  • Q.What is your return policy?

    A.You can return the product sealed and unopened within fifteen (15) days of reception to get a full refund. Tampered bottles will not be entertained and will be considered sold.

  • Q.Do you offer free samples?

    A.Yes, we do. Click here to get your free sample.

  • Q.How do I pay for my orders?

    A.We accept payments made from all major credit cards as well as through PayPal.

  • Q.How can you guarantee my satisfaction?

    A.We are offering a free sample to make sure you are satisfied before ordering a full bottle.

  • Q.How many capsules are in one bottle of MXEL?

    A.MXEL Edge contain 110 pills, MXEL Boost and MXEL Anti-Aging contain 88 pills respectively.

  • Q.Where is MXEL manufactured?

    A.Our products are manufactured in New York, United States

  • Q.Can I order in bulk?

    A.Yes, you can. Please contact us for a price quote on bulk orders.

  • Q.Do you have an affiliate program?

    A.Yes, we do have a very generous and highly rewarding affiliate program. Click here to enroll or to know more about it.

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