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No caffeine in any of our products

Caffeine works by blocking adenosine receptors. It sits on the adenosine receptors in the brain and prevents you from feeling fatigue. On the other hand, physical fatigue can be attenuated by choline. Rhodiola and curcumin. All three reducing its effects and boost your energy. Rhodiola can do this so well that the military provide it to their soldiers.


One little combination to give you the winning edge.  5 pills with one unique blend.  Increase your memory, cognition and creativity while regulating mood and reducing metabolic waste. This isn't fantasy. Get the MXEL Edge and see for yourself what neuroscience can do.


No caffeine! No taurine! Improve cognition, creativity and memory. The latest in neuroscience demonstrates that a properly fed, rested and supplemented brain can increase all these factors by a considerable amount. Your motivation will soar while you are on MXEL Boost.


Have you ever been worried about getting old? Or about becoming forgetful? The processes of aging are understood and we can slow them down.  MXEL Shield is specifically designed to clean your brain of metabolic waste, reduce inflammation and decrease stress hormones.  MXEL Shield can improve your brain's natural cleaning functions and it is a perfect complement to any brain enhancer pills.

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